Review: 50 Gallon Vertex AO Smith GDHE-50-NG Water Heater (Natural Gas)

Water Heater Review

If you’re looking for a high quality insulated storage tank water heater, look no further than the Vertex AO Smith GDHE-50-NG Water Heater. According to Consumer Research, this model is so efficient it qualifies for a 30 percent federal tax credit when available. The tank is powered by natural gas and can provide more than plenty of hot water for a large family. The more hot water you need, the more your family needs a Vertex.


The Vertex AO Smith GDHE-50-NG Water Heater water heater comes with an abundance of features including:

  • Continuous hot water
  • Ninety-six percent thermal efficiency
  • An advanced internal heat exchanger with 100,000 BTU output
  • Power-direct vent
  • Vents with single or double PVC pipe
  • Advanced electronic controls including precise temperature controls, an LCD display, and advanced diagnostics
  • Side taps for easy installation
  • Six year parts limited manufacturer’s warranty

Through an inspired blend of industry expertise, efficiency, and innovation this Vertex water heater can easily keep up with the hot-water needs of even the most demanding homes. Not to mention it’s incredibly simple to install.


The Vertex AO Smith 50 gallon water heater is more reliable than most water heaters of its size. It’s incredibly efficient and though many buyers are sure the Vertex would run out of hot water eventually, no one has seemed to encounter such an issue. There are many reviews from satisfied customers across the web insisting that the water heater can keep up with high demands, and yet never run out of hot water.

Cost savings are another major selling point for the Vertex AO Smith as well. Who could argue with up to 96 percent money-saving thermal efficiency? Vertex is well-known for heating more water with less energy and being kind to your wallet.


No water heater is perfect but the 50 Gallon Vertex AO Smith comes pretty darn close. Most complaints you discover when doing your research have to do with the high up-front cost and short warranty. But the Vertex has such a solid reputation for above standard efficiency, reliability, and cost-savings, the pros always seem to outweigh cons. On average, 98 percent of buyers would recommend this water heater to a friend and give an approval rating of 4.8 stars or more.

When weighing the pros and cons of this water heater it’s important to keep in mind what outweighs what? Yes, you may pay a little higher up-front cost for your water heater, but with a reputation like the one that follows the Vertex AO Smith, it seems as though it’s a wise investment in the long run. You should also take into consideration that although the warranty may be short, purchasing an AO Smith isn’t that big of a risk since it has such a low failure rate.


Absolutely! The Vertex AO Smith 50 Gallon water heater has too many features, is too reliable, and too efficient to pass up. If you need a natural gas water heater that will consistently provide hot water to a busy and high-demanding household, the Vertex AO Smith is an easy choice and highly recommended by satisfied customers across the web.

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