Water Heater Leaking: What Should You Do?

What to Do When Your Water Heater is Leaking

AA water heater leak may seem like just a minor nuisance, but it can quickly turn into a big problem. Even a small amount of water will cause damage to your floors, sub-floors and walls. Keep in mind that water heater leaking may be a symptom of a much larger problem. In extreme cases, a catastrophic and complete […]

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Small Water Heater: Reviews and Buyer Guide

Small Water Heater

A small water heater can help provide hot water to even the most difficult places. Whether you need hot water in a bathroom that’s not well served by your main water heater or you need a stand alone unit to service a shop, garage or other outbuilding, a small storage tank water heater can do […]

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How to Build a Staircase to Your Basement

Basement Stairs

Replacing your basement stairs takes a great deal of careful planning, the right tools, some solid DIY skills and know-how. A basic guide to go by (measurement-wise) when planning to replace your stairs is that the height of the tread width and the height of stair riser should equal about 17 inches. Treads are usually […]

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Mold in Basement: A Step-by-Step on How to Remove It

Mold in Basement

Mold in basements is a problem for a number of reasons. Unsightly stains on the walls or the floor and the offensive odor are reason enough to be concerned about mold. But, by far the most concerning thing about mold is the health risks it poses, including irritated the eyes and nasal cavities, and infected […]

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Water in Crawl Space: 5 Causes and How to Fix Them

Crawl Space

Water in crawl spaces can be a bigger problem than you might think. Even though a crawl space is a relatively remote area of the home, water that pools there can cause issues on every floor if mold forms. The two things mold needs to survive are moisture and darkness, both of which can be […]

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How to Cleanup a Flooded Basement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Once the source of a flooded basement has been found and taken care of you will want to start the cleanup as soon as possible. However, before entering your basement you will need to ensure that it is safe to do so. There are many hazards that come with flooded basement cleanup, including electric shock, […]

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7 Tips for Painting Your Basement

Painting Basement

A basement can be a great place to entertain, relax, work, or knock out a to-do list. But many basements are often neglected and don’t get the love and care they deserve to become functional places within the home. One of the easiest ways to perk up your basement is with a coat of fresh […]

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How to Protect Your Tankless Water Heater From Hard Water

Hard Water and Water Softeners

Many experts say that hard water is ​​the number one enemy of an on-demand water heater system, and that certainly could be true provided you are using a sediment filter. The level of “hardness” in water is determined by the amount of dissolved minerals within the water supply. Different geographical areas are prone to different levels […]

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How a Sediment Filter Can Protect Your Tankless Water Heater

Water Softeners Tankless Maintenance

You may have heard about the importance of using a sediment filter, but did you know the role they play in keeping your tankless water heater healthy? On-demand systems must be supplied with quality water, especially since they don’t have the same defenses as traditional tank style water heater.  If the incoming water supply is full of debris, a tankless unit will […]

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Cold Weather and Your Tankless Water Heater

Cold Weather Tankless Maintenance

Tankless water heaters may require additional attention during cold weather to prevent them from freezing or experiencing other weather related problems. Recommendations may vary between manufacturers, so it’s important to check your owners manual for details on your specific unit.Precautionary Freezing ProtectionDuring cold weather tankless water heaters need extra care. Even water heaters installed indoors could […]

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