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Protect Your House from Basement Flooding

Although summer is a season dearly awaited by many of us who enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, it also brings quite a few storms along with it. Extreme precipitations and unpleasant weather conditions quickly turn into any homeowner’s nightmare, as they often lead to flooding in the home, either through the roof or the […]

How to Build a Staircase to Your Basement

Replacing your basement stairs takes a great deal of careful planning, the right tools, some solid DIY skills and know-how. A basic guide to go by (measurement-wise) when planning to replace your stairs is that the height of the tread width and the height of stair riser should equal about 17 inches. Treads are usually […]

Mold in Basement: A Step-by-Step on How to Remove It

Mold in basements is a problem for a number of reasons. Unsightly stains on the walls or the floor and the offensive odor are reason enough to be concerned about mold. But, by far the most concerning thing about mold is the health risks it poses, including irritated the eyes and nasal cavities, and infected […]

Water in Crawl Space: 5 Causes and How to Fix Them

Water in crawl spaces can be a bigger problem than you might think. Even though a crawl space is a relatively remote area of the home, water that pools there can cause issues on every floor if mold forms. The two things mold needs to survive are moisture and darkness, both of which can be […]

How to Clean a Flooded Basement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once the source of a flooded basement has been found and taken care of you will want to start the cleanup as soon as possible. However, before entering your basement you will need to ensure that it is safe to do so. There are many hazards that come with flooded basement cleanup, including electric shock, […]

Things to Consider Before Adding a Bathroom to Your Basement

Adding a bathroom to your basement can make your life easier and boost your property value in the process. If you’ve turned your basement into a guest bedroom, a game room, man cave, or office, a basement bathroom will allow you to enjoy the space without having to climb up and down the stairs every […]

7 Tips for Painting Your Basement

A basement can be a great place to entertain, relax, work, or knock out a to-do list. But many basements are often neglected and don’t get the love and care they deserve to become functional places within the home. One of the easiest ways to perk up your basement is with a coat of fresh […]

Water in Basement: What’s the Cause?

Water in basements can be an alarming problem, but you’re not alone, it’s an issue that many homeowners experience.  Even the most fortified basements are prone to leaking at some point in their life, and this means that there is a good chance you’ll need to deal with the problem eventually. Since there’s a number of potential […]

Turning Your Basement into a Home Gym That Will Keep You Motivated

Building a home gym has many wonderful advantages, and your newly remodeled basement is the perfect location. With the commute as simple as walking downstairs, you’ll be able to get a great workout and add hours to your day, all without even leaving your home. You may have plans to remodel your basement and add […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Basement Remodeling

Are you considering a basement remodeling project? Finishing your basement is a great way to increase the usable space in your home. Whether you plan on remodeling to increase your home’s living space, building a home gym or office, increasing storage space, or even building a mini-apartment, there are a few things you should consider. Basement renovations […]

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