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High Altitude and Gas Water Heaters

Natural gas is an excellent fuel source for hot water heaters . . . unless you live in high altitudes. But even if you live on a mountain, there are ways to modify your water heater so that it operates properly. High Altitude means Less Oxygen High altitude problems are not exclusive to gas water […]

Water Heater Buying Guide: Storage Type

There are a number of different water heater storage type options available on the market, and which one works best for your needs can be based on the size of your family, available storage space, and the fuel source available in your area. Storage Tank Water Heaters The storage tank water heater is the most […]

Water Heater Buying Guide: Fuel Source

In part one of our two part series in our water heater buying guide, we’ll take a look at the popular fuel source options – electric, gas, and heat pumps. We’ll also look at some of the differences and considerations you should take into account when selecting a water heater. Electric Water Heaters Cost Consideration Least expensive […]

Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve

The Temperature/Pressure (T/P) Relief Valve should be tested at least once a year. This valve is a safety devise to prevent your hot water heater from exploding. Most are designed to activate if the water temperature in your tank exceeds 210 degrees Fahrenheit, or the pressure in your tank exceeds 150 psi. When your water heater […]

Hot Water Heater Safety

Your water heater is likely not something you think about on a regular basis, and it’s not uncommon to take it’s safe operation for granted. It may be in your garage, a utility closet, or in the corner of your basement, but it needs regular maintenance to help prevent the potential for a serious accident. […]

RV Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

An RV water heater will help you enjoy hot water wherever your travels take you. They operate much like a residential water heater, and yet very differently. Here’s a few things you need to know if you own an RV or you’re in the market. Knowing how these water heaters operate, how to maintain them, […]

Why You Should Install a Circulation Pump

When a water heater circulation pump is installed hot water will be delivered nearly instantly each time a hot water tap is opened. This happens because the pump keeps the hot water moving throughout the plumbing system so that hot water is always available. In homes without a circulation pump, the hot water tap will […]

Glossary of Terms

Anode Rod A long, replaceable metallic rod located inside the tank, typically attached at the top of the water heater near the cold water inlet. It helps to prevent corrosion inside the tank, and will last four to six years before needing replacement. Burner A gas powered burner used to heat water in a gas […]

How to Replace Your Water Heater’s Dip Tube

If your hot water is lukewarm or not as hot as it used to be it may be because your dip tube is broken. The dip tube is a plastic pipe that travels from the cold water inlet down to the bottom of the tank. The purpose of the dip tub is to deposit the cold […]

No Hot Water: What Can You Do?

Nobody likes a cold shower, so naturally having no hot water can be a huge annoyance. There are a number of issues that can cause you to run out of hot water, many of which you should be able to fix yourself. It is also important to note that gas water heaters operate very differently than […]

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